Hydradermabrasion is the newest advance in aesthetic technology, helping all skin types reach their optimal state by improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores, oily/acne prone skin, and brown spots.The treatment is performed using a medical device called the HydraFacial MD® Elite that cleanses, detoxifies, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates all at once using Vortex-Fusion technology.

The treatment is both a physical and chemical exfoliation process that extracts imbedded oils and debris while simultaneously delivering skin-specific solutions to improve the appearance of the skin. With four easy steps and optional add-on treatments, including LED light therapy, super serum boosters, and lymphatic drainage, Hydradermabrasion works to restore skin to a youthful, healthy state.


In the first step, a special tip and vacuum powered stream of Activ-4™ serum glides along your skin, gently removing dead skin cells, sebum and dirt. The combination of Lactic Acid, Glucosamine and Algae Extract in the serum help cleanse, soften and condition the skin, leaving it feeling clean and refreshed.


In the second step, a potent GlySal™ solution containing a blend of salicylic acid and glycolic acid are infused into the skin to help exfoliate and loosen deep pore debris, while also firming the skin.


During this multi-action step, a special Beta-HD™ serum and powerful vacuum suction is used to soften sebum and painlessly remove blackheads and other skin impurities.


In the final step, Antiox+™ “super-serum” comprised of hyaluronic acid, natural skin brighteners, firming peptides, and potent antioxidants are infused into the skin to help protect, brighten, hydrate and improve skin elasticity.

Need an extra boost? Tailor your treatment with LED light therapy and award-winning super serums to address specific skin concerns.

BLUE LED LIGHT THERAPY: This is extremely beneficial for those who suffer from oily skin or acne breakouts. It kills bacteria on the skin to help treat moderate inflammatory acne and improve the appearance of oily or congested skin.

RED LED LIGHT THERAPY: Helps improve skin firmness and several signs of aging including redness, hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

BRIGHTALIVE BOOST: This powerful booster helps prevent and treat hyperpigmentation and brown spots caused by sun damage. Skin is instantly brighter with a gratifying glow.

CTGF GROWTH FACTOR BOOST: Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins that regulate cellular growth and play a key role in maintaining healthy skin structure and function. CTGF™ (Connective Tissue Growth Factor) uses naturally derived growth factors to help restore skin health and vitality while also softening fine lines and wrinkles.

DERMABUILDER BOOST: Recharges the skin with a patented combination of peptides to help improve fine lines, skin tone and texture.

BRITENOL BOOST: This booster is designed to help brighten and balance skin tone.